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Who Wants To Live In North Korea
A part of "The Most Shocking Facts About North Korea. Part 2"

They say almost 13 thousand people have immigrated to North Korea since 1990. In 1962 American soldier Joseph Dresnok moved here forever.

Some websites say that since 1990 almost 13K people have immigrated to North Korea (and only two of them were from the southern brother). That's a bit hard to believe. But there is one thing even stranger than that. After the Korean war in 1962 American soldier, Joseph Dresnok passed the North Korean mine-laden border and decided to stay there forever. He said that he felt there like home and "wouldn't trade it for nothing". While reading this I was thinking: what can make a person to give up freedom and look for such a life"... I mean, if the life there is really so good, 23K people wouldn't escape from this country in the last 60 years. And 10 million people would have an opportunity to see their relatives, who live in South Korea.

Speaking about refugees, North Koreans can make their way to the freedom only through Russia, China, South Korea (only for brave ones, because of the minefields and a whole lot of soldiers) and Japan. But China also isn't a very good country for the refugees. It is believed, that about 40-50K North Koreans are hiding here. 60-70% of them are women. And if the refugees are found, they are returned to their homeland and are punished for betrayal. But women more often stay in China and become victims of human trafficking. Apparently, Korean females are very popular here and range from $200 to $2000, but the attitude is awful. On the contrary in North Korea, the baby can be executed if its father is Chinese"...