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There’s a Fake Village In North Korea
A part of "TOP-10 Most Interesting North Korea Facts. Part 1"

Kijong-dong (Peace Village) is a North Korean village not far from the border with the South Korea. It was built to encourage people to move to North Korea.

After the Korean War, the North Koreans decided to show their southern neighbor how great it is to live here. They built Kijong-dong (Peace Village) not far from the border of the country. It should encourage South Koreans to move to the north. But apparently, they forgot one important thing – people. Since the town was built in the 1950s it was empty like some sort of a ghost town. But officially the North Korean government assures that 200 families live there and have everything they need for a comfortable life: schools, hospitals, kindergartens etc.

In reality, there are no glasses in the windows of the village buildings, the lights are turned on with a special timer, and the only people here are the workers, who sweep the roads to give the impression of some ongoing activity.