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The Widest SUV In the World
A part of "The largest cars in the world. Part 2"

Hummer H1 is the widest SUV in the world for now. It is about 2,2 meters wide.

The wides SUV in the world is a famous Hummer H1 for the 1992-2006 model years. It is 86.5 inches (about 2.2 meters) wide. At first, it was only a military car, but in 1992 the first civilian model appeared on the market. It owes its popularity to some photos from Operation Desert Storm, as also the campaign with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The production of Hummer H1 discontinued in 2006 because of the new law for diesel engine vehicles. But instead, the AM General introduced Hummer H1 Alpha – the re-engineered and, apparently, more ecological Hummer model.