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The Widest Car In the World
A part of "The Largest Cars In the World. Part 1"

Chrysler Crown Imperial for model 1954 in the widest car in the world for now. It is about 2.1 meters wide.

And in this nomination the winner is"... (drumroll)… the good old Chrysler Crown Imperial for model 1954. It is 82.9 inches (2.1 meters) wide. The second in this list is the classic Mercedes-Benz 770 W150 for the 1938-43 model years – 82.7 inches (about 2.1 meters). But these ones you can most likely see only in movies about the old times or during the classic cars exhibitions. Nominally they still remain the widest cars in the world, but not so many people drive them nowadays. So let's talk about modern vehicles.

In 2004 the world met Maserati MC12. Its width was 82.5 inches (about 2 meters). A sport-car was created for the FIA GT Championship. The top speed of the model is about 330 k/h (205 mph).

The next in the list are some Mercury models (Colony Park and Commuter) and Ford models (Country Squire, Country Sedan, and Ranch Wagon). Each of them is 81.5 inches (about 2 meters) wide.

The last on the list is 2015 Lamborghini Aventador! This car is 79.9 inches (about 2 meters) wide. It's a super stylish sports car, which develops up to 100 km/h (60 mph) in 2.9 seconds. Imagine that! The maximum speed of the vehicle is about 354 km/h (220 mph). Like all Lamborghini models, this one got its name after a famous fighting bull. The animal became famous for its courage in the bullring.

And now let's look at the narrowest car in the world. Peel P50 is only 39 inches (about 0.9 meters) wide. We already know this microcar as the shortest one. Apparently, we can call it the most compact one too. I wonder how it feels inside"...