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The Usage Of Human Resources In North Korea
A part of "The Most Shocking Facts About North Korea. Part 2"

Human rights violations are a normal practice here

Now we will talk about life in North Korea. It is separated from the rest of the world and doesn't use any external help even if famine or another disaster. They have a lack of resources, in particular, chemical fertilizers, so the government decided to use country's human resources. The citizens were forced to produce hundreds of kilograms of feces which were used as a fertilizer mixed with straw. And you know what, I think North Korea is the only country in the world, where people started to steal squat toilets and the others had to install locks on their lavatories to prevent from stealing"... well, you know"...

Yes, it might look funny at first. But just think of this: if you don't produce the required amount, you will get punished and most likely sent to the labor camp.

About 200K people are prisoners in 16 North Koreans work camps. And this number continues to grow. All political criminals (especially those trying to escape North Korea) are sent to Kaechon internment camp with the whole family. And more"... The next two generations of a sentenced person are born in the camp and have to live their entire lives here. About 40% of prisoners die because of hunger.

There are more than 50 Social Categories in North Korea, ranking people by the loyalty to the regime. They are grouped in three casts: the core, wavering, and hostile classes. And these ranks influence the life of citizens a lot, especially when something bad like famine happens. Most of the people wear the Worker's Party badges to show their trustworthiness. These badges are valuable with thieves because on the black market they can be exchanged for hundreds of North Koreans wons.

And what these people get instead? At least the half of the population of the country don't have access to basic human needs. The government pays for the healthcare, but there is a huge shortage of medicine and equipment. And even if some hospitals are lucky to get the cutting-edge equipment, it remains unused, because nobody knows how to use it. There is one doctor for every 700 people and one hospital for every 350 citizens.

North Korea is the second country to last on the World Press Freedom Index. In big cities, women are not allowed to ride a bike or wear pants – only the skirts that cover the knees. In 2009 North Korean government destroyed the savings of a major part of its population. To control the private markets, they revalued the national currency and replaced 1000 won bills with 10 won bills, limiting the amount of old currency in use. Human rights violation is everywhere here"...