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The Tallest SUV In the World
A part of "The largest cars in the world. Part 2"

Ford Expedition is the tallest SUV in the world. It is more than 2 meters high.

Till 2005 the highest SUV was considered to be Ford Excursion. It was 80.4 inches (about 2 meters) tall. We have already mentioned it as the longest SUV. And since it is out of production, the tallest SUVs nowadays are Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition – both 78.3 inches (about 1,9 meters) tall.

Ford Expedition came as a replacement for Ford Excursion. Precisely it was the Expedition EL model, which was about 14.9 inches (38 cm) longer than the regular model. In 1998 the Lincoln company (Ford Motor division) introduced Lincoln Navigator based on Ford Expedition. It was the first SUV presented by a luxury car brand.