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The Tallest Pick-up Truck In the World
A part of "The largest cars in the world. Part 2"

Unimog U500 Black Edition is the tallest pick-up in the world. It is about 2,9 meters high.

The highest pick-up in the world is Unimog U500 Black Edition. It is 116.4 inches (about 2.9 meters) tall. The history of these Mercedes-Benz models starts in 1951. It appeared shortly after the WW II which that explains the design that hasn't changed much since that time due to the purpose of the vehicle. Unimog U500 is a Medium series equipment carrier. The Black Edition was presented in 2005 at Dubai Motor Show as a luxury offering for wealthy desert-dwellers. Apparently, it has some characteristics suitable for that environment. This edition was prepared by Brabus – a tuning company dealing with Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach cars.