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The Tallest Car In the World
A part of "The Largest Cars In the World. Part 1"

The tallest car in the world is Rolls-Royce Phantom. It is about 2.5 meters high.

Nominally the tallest car in the world is 1904-09 Fiat 60 HP. It is 100.4 inches (about 2.5 meters) high. As much as I love old cars, apparently you won't see anybody driving this baby today.

The tallest modern car is Rolls-Royce Phantom with an extended wheelbase. It is 64.6 inches (about 1.6 meters) tall. That's a great difference comparing to the Fiat 60 HP. But these are the nowadays standards. This luxury car won the Top Gear Car of the Year Award in 2003. The vehicle looks really fancy. It's not just a car, it's a masterpiece of the automotive industry. It gives the passengers enough of free space to feel cozy. And what's more important you can create your own unique car thanks to the wide design solutions.

On the contrary, the lowest car in the world is Probe 15 – a very strange model 29 inches (about 0.7 meters) high. Only three of them were made in 1969. And the only way to get inside was through the sliding glass roof. Probe 15 is still the shortest car in the world.

But in 1950's there was Lotus Eleven with 31.9 inches (about 0.8 meters) tall. It was a really stylish sports racing car.

And in 2006 the world met Caterham 7 CSR. Although it was made nowadays, the model looks like it came from the past. And it gets the third place on the shortest vehicles list with 40 inches (about 1 meter) tall.