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The North Korean Students Have To Pay For the School Equipment
A part of "The Most Shocking Facts About North Korea. Part 2"

The students in North Korea have to pay for desks, chairs, heating and so on. If the family doesn't have money for that, children have to work hard for the government.

The schools in North Korea are quite a challenge. The students have to pay basically for everything: desks, chairs, heating etc. Considering the fact, that on average North Koreans have two and more children in the family, sometimes schools are the financial disaster for them. So the children, who don't have enough money, must work hard producing goods for the government. Often parents don't send their children to school, although it is the violation of official policy. That is why many of them bribe the teachers to keep quiet so that their children can avoid hard work.

Still, North Korean authorities claim, that the literacy rate of the country is 99-100%. It ranks equally with the U.S. and U.K. index and champions a lot of countries in the world. But they say that children in North Korea learn how to write the names of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il even before they know how to write their own names or the names of their parents. As soon as it is done, the children are declared literate in writing"...