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The Longest SUV In the World
A part of "The largest cars in the world. Part 2"

Chevrolet Suburban is the longest SUV nowadays. It is about 5,7 meters long.

Till 2005 the longest one among all SUVs was Ford Excursion – 226.7 inches (about 5.7 meters). It was also the heaviest one in mass production till time. But the consumers criticized its large size, the demand was poor and the company decided to discontinue the production. In Mexico this model was still in production till 2006). In 2007 Ford replaced the previous model with Ford Expedition – more compact one.

But in 2015 the world met Chevrolet Suburban which is the longest SUV in production now. Its length is 224.4 inches (about 5,7 meters). The production of it started in 1935 and is today one of the most popular General Motors models. The car has enough room for 9 passengers.