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The Longest Car In the World
A part of "The Largest Cars In the World. Part 1"

Mercedes-Maybach Pullman 2016 is the longest car in the world. It is about 6.5 meters long.

And so, currently, the longest car in the world is Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, produced in 2016. Its length is 255.9 inches (that's about 6.5 meters). The car is not ordinary from the inside: the rear compartment becomes some sort of a "lounge zone". The car has two regular seats facing forward, but there are also two reward-facing ones which can be removed. The manufacturer claims that this car offers more room than any other. The vehicle has an electrically operated partition between the seats which can be switched from clear to opaque. It also includes an 18.5-inch monitor and a great stereo system. Yeah, this beauty is great, but mostly the VIPs can afford it.

On second place we can put classic Cadillac V-16 for the 1934-35 model years – 240 inches (about 6 meters) long. But most likely you won't see it on the road today.

And the third longest car in the history is Buick Estate for the 1975-76 model years – 231.8 inches (about 5.8 meters).

And what about the shortest car in the world? Of course, in our days this one goes to Smart, specifically Smart Fortwo. Its length is 106.1 inches (about 2.6 meters). But the shortest one of all times is still the three-wheeled microcar Peel P50. It is only 52.8 inches (about 1.3 meters) long. That looks really cute, but I don't think it's very comfortable.