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The largest cars in the world. Part 2

The largest cars in the world. Part 2

Previously we talked about the largest consumer cars in the world, but they were mostly sedans. Today we're going to talk about some bigger consumer cars like pick-ups, vans, and SUVs. And again, like in our last article, we're going to divide them by length, height, width, and weight.

The Longest Pick-up In the World

281 inches
2015 Ford F-650 SuperCab is the longest pick-up in the world. It is about 7.1 meters long.

The longest pick-up in the world is 2015 Ford F-650 SuperCab. Its length is 281 inches (about 7.1 meters). Due to the size of this car, it is mostly used by some business companies and municipalities for towing, construction or box van. This is the largest Ford model produced in North America. Besides, this was the first SuperCab of the company. The difference between the SuperCab and the Regular Cab are that the first one has four doors and can fit 6 passengers. The second one offers enough space for two, maximum three people, and has only two doors. There is also some minor difference in towing and payload capacity.

The Widest Pick-up Truck In the World

96 inches
Dodge Ram 3500 is the widest pick-up in the world. It is about 2,4 meters wide.

Dodge Ram 3500 is considered to be the widest pick-up in the world. Its total width is 96 inches (about 2.4 meters). Like the Ford's SuperCab, it has four doors and about six people can comfortably fit there. It looks really stylish. And people say it is pretty convenient and has a great capacity thanks to the design. Among the other benefits is the cargo-view camera that really helps to keep an eye on the cargo. OK, this almost looks like an ad, so we're going to stop here

The Tallest Pick-up Truck In the World

116.4 inches
Unimog U500 Black Edition is the tallest pick-up in the world. It is about 2,9 meters high.

The highest pick-up in the world is Unimog U500 Black Edition. It is 116.4 inches (about 2.9 meters) tall. The history of these Mercedes-Benz models starts in 1951. It appeared shortly after the WW II which that explains the design that hasn't changed much since that time due to the purpose of the vehicle. Unimog U500 is a Medium series equipment carrier. The Black Edition was presented in 2005 at Dubai Motor Show as a luxury offering for wealthy desert-dwellers. Apparently, it has some characteristics suitable for that environment. This edition was prepared by Brabus – a tuning company dealing with Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach cars.

The Heaviest Pick-up Truck In the World

14,551 lb
International XT by Navistar International is the heaviest pick-up in the world. Its weight is more than 6 thousand kilograms.

The heaviest pick-up in the world is International XT by Navistar International – the U.S. trucks and busses production company. Its curb weight is 14,551 lb (about 6,600 kg). If the vehicle was 2 pounds (about 0.9 kg) heavier, the driver had to get a commercial license to drive it. International XT was also the tallest till the Unimog U500 Black Edition appeared. The production of the vehicle started in 2004, but in 4 years the company stopped it due to the low demand. Because of the design, I can hardly believe that someone bought it for private everyday use. Obviously, it was more suitable for some business. Besides the commercial model, there was also a Recreational one, created for boat owners or equestrian.

The Longest SUV In the World

224.4 inches
Chevrolet Suburban is the longest SUV nowadays. It is about 5,7 meters long.

Till 2005 the longest one among all SUVs was Ford Excursion – 226.7 inches (about 5.7 meters). It was also the heaviest one in mass production till time. But the consumers criticized its large size, the demand was poor and the company decided to discontinue the production. In Mexico this model was still in production till 2006). In 2007 Ford replaced the previous model with Ford Expedition – more compact one.

But in 2015 the world met Chevrolet Suburban which is the longest SUV in production now. Its length is 224.4 inches (about 5,7 meters). The production of it started in 1935 and is today one of the most popular General Motors models. The car has enough room for 9 passengers.

The Widest SUV In the World

86.5 inches
Hummer H1 is the widest SUV in the world for now. It is about 2,2 meters wide.

The wides SUV in the world is a famous Hummer H1 for the 1992-2006 model years. It is 86.5 inches (about 2.2 meters) wide. At first, it was only a military car, but in 1992 the first civilian model appeared on the market. It owes its popularity to some photos from Operation Desert Storm, as also the campaign with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The production of Hummer H1 discontinued in 2006 because of the new law for diesel engine vehicles. But instead, the AM General introduced Hummer H1 Alpha – the re-engineered and, apparently, more ecological Hummer model.

The Tallest SUV In the World

93,2 inches
Ford Expedition is the tallest SUV in the world. It is more than 2 meters high.

Till 2005 the highest SUV was considered to be Ford Excursion. It was 80.4 inches (about 2 meters) tall. We have already mentioned it as the longest SUV. And since it is out of production, the tallest SUVs nowadays are Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition – both 78.3 inches (about 1,9 meters) tall.

Ford Expedition came as a replacement for Ford Excursion. Precisely it was the Expedition EL model, which was about 14.9 inches (38 cm) longer than the regular model. In 1998 the Lincoln company (Ford Motor division) introduced Lincoln Navigator based on Ford Expedition. It was the first SUV presented by a luxury car brand.

The Heaviest SUV In the World

13,000 lb
The heaviest SUV in the world is Conquest Knight XV by Toyota. Its weight is about 5,900 kg.

The heaviest SUV nowadays is 2008 Conquest Knight XV by Toyota Company. Its curb weight is 13,000 lb (5,900 kg). It is marketed as a hand-built armored luxury SUV model. As for me, I have a feeling that it has something in common with Hummer vehicles. Maybe it's because of the military design. And if this car was created for a regular consumer use, why is it armored? The manufacturers say, it is protected from gases, explosions and has an internal fire-extinguishing system. That's really impressive and even useful in some situations. But still, it's a bit strange for the consumer car.

The Longest Van In the World

300.3 inches
Iveco Daily is the longest Van in the world. It is about 7,6 meters long.

The longest van in the world is Iveco Daily by Iveco Company with 300.3 inches (7.6 meters) long. The production started in Europe in 1978 and lasts till now. There were about six generations of the van, which means there is a great demand for them. But the most interesting thing is that in 2010 the company announced an electric version of the Iveco Daily. It uses a battery with a capacity of 76 Ah and 21.2 Kwh. There is also an Iveco Daily military armored light truck version.

The Widest Van In the World

83.7 inches
Ford Transit is the widest van in the world. It is about 2,1 meters wide.

Till 2013 the widest van was considered to be Mercedes-Benz Vario 88.2 inches (about 2.2 meters) wide. It came as the replacement for T2 model. The Verio was almost similar to the previous version, the difference was in design – the new model had modern headlights and new front grille. On the basis of Vario Mercedes-Benz also produced some tourist, shuttle and airport busses and also tractor units.

The widest van, that is currently in production, is Ford Transit 83.7 inches (about 2.1 meters) wide. It is one of the best-selling vans of all times. This model includes not only cargo vans but also passenger vans, pick-ups, and minibusses.

The Tallest Van In the World

120.3 inches
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the tallest van in the world for now. It is about 3 meters high.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the tallest van in the world with 120.3 inches (about 3 meters) high. It came to the market instead of the previous T1 model in 1995. But Mercedes-Benz is not the only company to present Sprinter in the U.S. In 2001 it appeared on the market under the name of Freightliner Sprinter, in 2004 it was Dodge Sprinter. And only since 2010 the van was known as Mercedes-Benz or the Freightliner Sprinter. It was also sold under the Volkswagen nameplate. Beside the vans, the model includes minibusses and pick-up trucks.

The Heaviest Van In the World

6,779 lb
Iveco Daily is not only the longest van in the world but also the heaviest. Its weight is more than 4 thousand kilograms.

In 2013 the widest van was also the heaviest. We're talking about the Mercedes-Benz Vario with 9,656 lb (4,380 kg) curb weight. We already mentioned this vehicle on our list. But as we know, the production of Vario stopped in 2013, and so, the heaviest van produced today is Iveco Daily with 6,779 lb (about 3,075 kg) curb weight. So this means the longest van in the world is currently the heaviest!