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The Heaviest SUV In the World
A part of "The largest cars in the world. Part 2"

The heaviest SUV in the world is Conquest Knight XV by Toyota. Its weight is about 5,900 kg.

The heaviest SUV nowadays is 2008 Conquest Knight XV by Toyota Company. Its curb weight is 13,000 lb (5,900 kg). It is marketed as a hand-built armored luxury SUV model. As for me, I have a feeling that it has something in common with Hummer vehicles. Maybe it's because of the military design. And if this car was created for a regular consumer use, why is it armored? The manufacturers say, it is protected from gases, explosions and has an internal fire-extinguishing system. That's really impressive and even useful in some situations. But still, it's a bit strange for the consumer car.