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The Heaviest Pick-up Truck In the World
A part of "The largest cars in the world. Part 2"

International XT by Navistar International is the heaviest pick-up in the world. Its weight is more than 6 thousand kilograms.

The heaviest pick-up in the world is International XT by Navistar International – the U.S. trucks and busses production company. Its curb weight is 14,551 lb (about 6,600 kg). If the vehicle was 2 pounds (about 0.9 kg) heavier, the driver had to get a commercial license to drive it. International XT was also the tallest till the Unimog U500 Black Edition appeared. The production of the vehicle started in 2004, but in 4 years the company stopped it due to the low demand. Because of the design, I can hardly believe that someone bought it for private everyday use. Obviously, it was more suitable for some business. Besides the commercial model, there was also a Recreational one, created for boat owners or equestrian.