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The Heaviest Car In the World
A part of "The Largest Cars In the World. Part 1"

Mercedes-Benz 770 from 1940's is considered to be the heaviest car in the world. Its weight was 3,175 kg.

To make this clear, we're gonna talk about the curb weight. That includes the total weight of the car with standard equipment, motor and transmission oil, full tank of fuel etc., but without passengers or cargo. And so, the heaviest car in the world is Mercedes-Benz 770 from 1940's. It was a luxury car during the World War II and especially popular with Nazi officials. The original model weighed 10,582 lb (4,800 kg) and the convertible – 9,700 lb (4,400 kg). Both of them were armored.

Earlier, in 1931 there was Bugatti Royale Kellner. Its weight was 7,000 lb (3,175 kg). This luxury car is considered to be one of the largest cars in the world. Its overall length is about 245.2 inches (about 6,4 meters).

The next in the list are: Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB (we talked about it in the world's tallest cars list) – 6,052 lb (2,745 kg); Cadillac V-16 (one of the longest cars from 1930's) – 6,000-6,300 lb (2,721.5-2857.5kg); Buick Estate and Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser with the third seat and a woodgrain – both weight 5,400 lb (2,449.5kg).

The lightest car is our favorite Peel P50 – the shortest and the narrowest three-wheel microcar. Its weight is only 130 lb (59kg). The second lightest vehicle is a sports car Ariel Atom – 1,005 lb (456 kg).