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Rebecca Black - "Friday"
3rd place in "Top Ten Most Disliked Youtube Videos Ever"

One of the most disliked videos on Youtube is "Friday" by Rebecca Black. It was noticed after Michael J. Nelson tweet “Songwriting Isn’t for Everyone".

For the first time, I saw this clip when I was writing this article. And I must say, I'm not surprised that this one is on the worst rated Youtube videos list.

Maybe no one would notice it if it wasn't for the comedian Michael J. Nelson, who shared it on Twitter saying "Songwriting Isn't for Everyone". In few month more than 166 million people watched the clip, making it the 20th most viewed video on Youtube. But the reaction was really negative.

It's true, the clip and the song are terrible, but I think people responded too rude. I mean there are so many bad music videos and not only those on this list"... Besides the constructive criticism, there were a lot of comments with an outright insult. But Rebecca ignored them and refused to take the video down from Youtube. She said she won't give her haters that kind of satisfaction. Well, that's pretty cool for a young girl. But still, she has to work a lot to achieve something more.