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Only Elite Can Live In North Korean Capital
A part of "The Most Shocking Facts About North Korea. Part 2"

Only trustworthy, healthy and loyal people can live in North Korean Capital - Pyongyang

And now let's talk about Pyongyang. It is the only North Korea's city with the population over 3 million people. But only elite – trustworthy, healthy, loyal people – can live here. So you can't just move to the capital, you have to earn such a privilege.

All tourists also stay in Pyongyang. There is a special place for them called the Ryugyong Hotel with 105 floors and 3K rooms. For 20 years this pyramid was the world's largest building in the world. Now it is on the 24th place in the list. But the sad thing is – such a large building is almost always empty.

If you ever come to Pyongyang you should visit the Tower of the Juche Idea. It was built in honor of Kim Il-sung's 70th birthday. The building was designed by Kim Jong-il (no proofs of that) and is 170 meters tall. The tower is made of more than 25,5K pieces of stone – one for each day of eternal president's life.

One more interesting thing. North Korea is the only country in the world, who has a captured US Navy ship. It became a great tourist attraction in Pyongyang. Now it's a museum dedicated to the ceasefire of the Korean war which actually still goes on. The South and North Korea never signed the peace treaty.