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North Korean Leaders Are Considered To Be Gods
A part of "The Most Shocking Facts About North Korea. Part 2"

The government claims that the North Korean leaders are almost gods. And the most of the people actually believe that.

According to the government statements, the leaders of North Korea are almost gods. People here actually believe that the government can read the citizen's minds. Some of them think that the Kim's' family has nothing to do with humans, but are the perfect beings – real gods. The children learn some fantastic things about the country leaders so that they will fear the regime and never go against it. The cult of Kim's' family is even bigger than Stalin's or Mao Zedong's. It looks a bit hypertrophied but it's a good propaganda method for people who are afraid to think. Just look at these facts.

There are about 34K Kim Sung-il's statues in the country – one for every 3,5 km or for every 750 people. North Koreans have to wear the badges with his face to show their respect for the Eternal President. By the way, he is still considered to be the actual president of North Korea, even though he is dead for 23 years now. He was born in a quite religious Protestant family and named Kim Song-j. But later he changed his name to Kim Sung-il which means "become the sun" – quite ambitious. Although his son was even more fantastic.

People say that Kim Jong-il was born on Mount Paektu like a mythical god under a double rainbow and while he was coming to this world, a new star appeared in the sky (but the Russian records say he was born in Siberia and, of course, none of those things actually happened). His official biography tells that he learned to walk and talk at the age of 6 months. And that's not all – he could control the weather with his mood! The local media reported that Kim Jong Il scored a 300 when playing bowling for the first time and sank 11 holes-in-one while playing golf for the first time"... When Kim Jong-il died, thousands of North Koreans were sentenced to six months in work camps just because they were not sufficiently upset. Once, when a single anti-Kim Jong-Il graffiti was found in the capital, Pyongyang was locked down for three days.
By the way, in North Korea, people can't celebrate birthdays on July 8 and December 17 for these are the days when Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il died. That means about 100K people have to move the celebration to another date.

And you know what"... The Kims even have their own flowers. For example, Kim Il-sung had an orchid called kimilsungia created in his honor in Indonesia. And in Japan, they've created a red begonia especially for Kim Jong-il. It was called kimjonilia.

The North Korean leaders also took care of their leisure. There is such thing as Pleasure Squad here – 2000 attractive young women, who provide entertainment and sexual services for top-level officials.

And what about Kim Jong-Un? According to the official statements, he started to drive at the age of 3. But who knows, what will his biographers think out in the next few years?! Turns out, Kim Jong-un for a few years lived and studied in Switzerland. He attended an expensive school near Berne. His classmates recalled that he wasn't very good at studying but was more interested in football and computer games. Well, you can do that if there's a whole country waiting for you back home… He also showed some results in basketball as he was a big fan of Michael Jordan. So I won't be surprised to hear about his basketball enormous achievements in the future.