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North Korean “Godzilla”
A part of "TOP-10 Most Interesting North Korea Facts. Part 1"

Director Shin Sang-ok created for Kim Jong-Il the movie monster called Pulgasari - a copy of Japanese Godzilla.

When Kim Jong-Il saw the "Godzilla" movie, apparently, he wanted to share his impressions with his people. But of course, he couldn't show them the Japanese version. So he decided to create his own movie monster called Pulgasari. This propaganda blockbuster was created by a South Korean director Shin Sang-ok.

Kim Jong-il was a big fan of the director, so he kidnapped Shin Sang-ok and his wife, the famous actress Choe Eun Hui, so that they can provide the North Korean citizens with the remakes of famous movies, but with the drop of propaganda of course. Luckily the couple had a chance to escape 8 years later. But they've shot a whole lot of films for the North Korean regime.

By the way, it seems Kim Jong-il was a big fan of the movie industry. He had a collection of 30K famous films, including all James Bond movies.