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North Korean Broadcasting
A part of "The Most Shocking Facts About North Korea. Part 2"

There are only 3 official TV channels and 4 radio stations in North Korea broadcasting mostly propaganda.

There are only three TV Channels in North Korea, but one of them is available only in the evening and the other two – during the weekends. There are no love stories on TV, but only propaganda about the authorities and the leaders family, except for some South Korean soap operas, that are really popular in the north.

The same thing is on the radio. There are only four radio stations in North Korea that are controlled by the government and have no advertisement. Because of the poverty and short TV broadcasting time, radio is the most common media. As I've heard, in the shops and public places people have to listen to the local radio stations the whole time. They can't turn it off, only lower the sound. But they say, there's also a black propaganda station, which is believed to be broadcasting from South Korea.

There is no Internet for North Koreans, except for an internal closed domestic network called the Kwangmyong. It features up to 5K government-approved websites and is available only for the privileged minority (more than 1 thousand people for 25 million population). North Korea even has its own operating system, called Red Star OS (oh, what a surprise). So all content, emails, messages, chats etc are monitored and pre-filtered by the authorities. This OS is based on Linux and includes the state-approved search engine. The access to the real Internet here is used only for the government purpose or by foreigners and is permitted with a special authorization.

Here you can be executed for watching a Hollywood or a South Korean movie. As also for trying to access the non-state radio or TV broadcast. This way it's easier to control the information and the people. North Koreans know about the world events only how they are described by the Propaganda and Agitation Department. I'm curious about the people who work with this information"... Do they know the truth? And if yes, how can they sleep at night?…