Random Fact

Miley Cyrus - "We Can't Stop"
9th place in "Top Ten Most Disliked Youtube Videos Ever"

The second Miley Cyrus' video on the most disliked list. But still "We Can't Stop" got a lot of awards and positive feedbacks from critics.

The last on our list, but not in the rating. And it's Miley again. So what do we have here? Some kind of trashy party with people doing really strange things. Maybe I'm too old and just forgot how people usually have fun?

By the way, did you notice this brand promotion on the beginning? I hope she got paid for that. And why is she always demonstrating her tongue? And her twerk"... she really has to work on it if she wants to succeed, and I mean not only practicing.

The critic's thoughts were different. Someone said it was "high-spirited celebration of the freedom that young women are blessed with today to fully explore and celebrate their sexuality". As for me (and you can call me old fashioned), I think this idea could be implemented much better – think at least about Madonna.

Although this clip and the song got a lot of awards, 10th place in the list of the most disliked youtube videos means something.