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Michael & Janet Jackson - "Scream"
0th place in "Top-10 of the Most Expensive Music Videos Ever Made"

Michael & Janet Jackson -
The most expensive music video of all time is "Scream" by Michael and Janet Jackson. The production team spent two weeks and $7 million to create sci-fi decorations for this video.

"Scream" by Michael and Janet Jackson is the most expensive music video of all time. And it's not a surprise, considering that the production crew had to build a whole spaceship. Two weeks and $7 million were spent to create sci-fi decorations for this video. As a result, the Jackson duo got their own space transport with stone garden, art gallery, video games, sports ground and exciting cosmic scenes outside the illuminator.

Want to know, why this black & white video was so expensive? Well, in our highly technological times this clip would be much cheaper and the work on it would last only a few days. But, let's agree, in 1995 (when the clip was made) to do something like that was really a thing. And let's agree, the visual effects are not so bad"...

By the way, the plot of this video had a strong personal message: they say, it was Michael's answer to accusations of children abuse in 1993. The Jacksons duo opposed to the media slander and public misleading. But this attempt to protect Michael's personal honor was interpreted badly.

Meanwhile, the director Mark Romanek said that this is a story of many famous people: they are persecuted by society. On the plot, Janet and Michael are trapped and they want to get their freedom back.

The idea for this video was borrowed from Romanek's favorite movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" and from a novel "The Holy Terrors".

Nevertheless, efforts of the directing team were not useless: the video got Grammy and three MTV Video Music Awards. And we can enjoy a great song, some hot moves by the Jackson's Family and world's most expensive music video.