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4th place in "Top Ten Longest Movies In History"

One of the longest movies ever is Matrjoschka made by Karin Hoerler. It lasts for almost 4 days and is silent.

The running time of this movie is 95 hours (almost 4 days). You can say from its name that this film is Russian, but no. The film was created in 2006 by a German artist Karin Hoerler. The movie is silent and consists of images based on one single photo with a boy riding the bike, sky, streets and other common things. Sequentially the image changes, but those changes are so slow and small that are hardly visible to a viewer. As we see, the concept of the movie matches its name perfectly. The world premiere was in Frankfurt during the Luminale 2006. The movie was shown on an outdoor screen for about 5 days with night-hour breaks.