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Madonna - "Express Yourself"
2nd place in "Top-10 of the Most Expensive Music Videos Ever Made"

The third most expensive music video ever made is "Express Yourself" by Madonna. $5 million was spend to create it in 1989.

Madonna also gets the third place in this list. This time she was working with a famous Hollywood director David Fincher. Only this can make the video special if not to mention the expenses.

This time our star looked for inspiration in old movies, that is the 1927 silent anti-utopia called "Metropolis". By the way, this sci-fi movie is considered the greatest silent movie ever. As the clip appeared on the screens, MTV got exclusive rights to broadcast it for three weeks. They showed Madonna's video once every hour.

The clip shows us hot and glamorous Madonna dominating over a bunch of muscular workers. Warren Beatty, the ex-boyfriend of the pop-star, was offered to be one of these men, but he refused. He said that it was only an attempt to demonstrate Madonna's sexual prowess. Well, see for yourself.