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Logistics Art Project
0th place in "Top Ten Longest Movies In History"

Logistics is the longest movie ever made. It lasts almost 5 weeks and tells a story of a pedometer.

Logistics is the longest movie ever made. It lasts 857 hours – that's almost 5 weeks or 36 days, imagine that! It seems that the directors loved each shot and couldn't decide which of them they should include into the picture. This was an experimental movie by Erika Magnusson and Daniel Andersson telling the story of a simple pedometer. Apparently, the directors decided to find out where our beloved gadget comes from. The reverse chronological order shows the way of a pedometer from the consumers to its production. Magnusson and Andersson made a great journey through the European shops and Chinese factories to make this movie. Although it was screened in 2012, the world premiere was held only in 2014 at the Fringe Film Festival in Shenzhen (I wonder if the festival guests watched the full version).