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Justin Bieber - "Baby"
0th place in "Top Ten Most Disliked Youtube Videos Ever"

Justin Bieber's "Baby" music clip is the most disliked video in the history of Youtube. It was also one of the most viewed, till Psy broke Bieber's record.

Yes, Justin Bieber is a pretty famous singer now. But the start of his career was not so nice. His Baby music clip is the most hated video on Youtube for now. The clip was made in 2010 and began collecting dislikes right away. Even the director, who was working with Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole, couldn't help.

Ludacris, who also was involved in making the video, told that this was supposed to be a modern version of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel". According to Justin himself, it is a story about him trying to impress a girl that is playing hard to get. Well, that's a very strong plot (sarcasm sign), but what do you want from a 16-year old boy?!

In 2010 the Baby clip became the most viewed in the history of Youtube, till Psy gained the first place with his Gangnam Style in 2012. Today Justin Bieber's video has the 18th place on the list. But it still is the most disliked Youtube video ever.

Why did people hate it that much? Hard to say. Personally, I don't like such primitive scenarios. Besides, I think Justin's girl looks much older than he does"...