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Every Five Years North Korea Holds Elections
A part of "TOP-10 Most Interesting North Korea Facts. Part 1"

Every five years North Koreans go to the elections and choose their president out of one candidate.

Every five years people in North Korea vote to choose their leader"... out of one candidate"... So, I guess, Kim Jong-Un is probably the one and only head of state in the world who gets 100% of votes. And it's not all! If you want to vote for somebody else, you can cross out the name of the only candidate. But there's no privacy or anonymity, so you must understand what will happen next…

By the way, North Korea has its own constitution that claims democratic voting (yeah, right), freedom of expression and religion"... And this document is available for everyone. But apparently, not everyone wants to read it.

Human rights violations come from the times of Kim Il-Sung, who is considered to be an eternal leader of the North Korea, even though formally his heirs rule the country now. That makes North Korea the only necrocracy in the world (when the country lives under the rules of a dead leader). But now their political doctrine transformed to a new one.

As they say, in North Korea they don't have communism anymore. Since 2009 their political ideology is called "Juche sasang" – self-reliance ideology, that includes Marx and Lenin's theories. It separates the state diplomatically and economically from the other countries. The government rejects the "dependence on others". At first, it was just a political ideology, but now "Juche" is considered to be world's tenth largest religion!