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Electricity In North Korea
A part of "The Most Shocking Facts About North Korea. Part 2"

Only privileged people can use electricity as much as they need. Usually, it is shot down at night.

The electricity is a privilege in North Korea. The power is usually shot down at night and some families receive electricity only for a few hours per day. If to look from space, at night North Korea looks like a black spot among the neighbors – China and South Korea.

The problems started when USSR fell apart and stopped the export of electricity to this country. So now each person here consumes on average only 739-kilowatt hours of power. For example, in South Korea, this number reaches more than 10 thousand kilowatt hours for each person. I guess, they just don't have any needed equipment, technologies and educated human resources to solve this problem. What do you expect from people, who use a fax machine to threaten South Korea…