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Die another day - Madonna
11th place in "Top-10 of the Most Expensive Music Videos Ever Made"

The second place goes to Madonna and her "Die another day" clip. It costs more than $6 million. It was the Swedish team called Traktor who worked on this one. Director Ole Sanders recalled that one day they got a letter written by Madonna herself. She asked them to work on this music video with her. Of course at first, they thought it was a joke. But it wasn't.

In 2002 when the work on video started, the new James Bond "Die another day" movie was about to appear on the big screen. Apparently, it influenced the clip: there are no obvious similarities, but you can feel the connection anyway.

Sanders mentioned that Madonna was very serious about this work. She kept abreast of the video and always gave some edits to the plot.

They say the clip tells us a story of her life with Sean Penn and violence she experienced in this marriage. I think it's a bit hard to see this connection if not to mention a bunch of men torturing Madonna…

There is also one interesting fact about "Die Another Day" video: The Jewish community was angry with this clip because of the Jewish symbols used in it. Apparently, the directing team misinterpreted them.

Nevertheless, Madonna's fans liked it a lot. As always Madonna appeared as a strong woman. She got “Soundtrack Video of the Year" trophy at the 2003 MVPA Awards for this clip.