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Balloons Deliver Banned Things To North Korea
A part of "The Most Shocking Facts About North Korea. Part 2"

People, who try to fight Kim's regime, use balloons to deliver banned movies, newsletters, chocolate, Bibles etc. to North Korea.

The International organizations and communities who try to fight the North Korean regime, often have to use their imagination to outflank the system. The most common cases involve balloons"....
For example, someone used balloons to send few thousands of copies of the "Interview" movie into North Korea. If you don't know, it's Seth Rogen's and Evan Goldberg's political satire comedy film, making fun of North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-un.

And in 2014, when Kim Jong-un banned Choco Pies, South Koreans sent 50 balloons, carrying these snacks. And you know why Choco Pies were banned here? Apparently, Kim Jong-un was afraid that they were too popular with people and could encourage the uprising"...

There's also an organization that parachutes Bibles on the territory of North Korea. Despite being illegal, there are about 100K Christians there. But possessing of Bible is a big crime in North Korea. So if you're caught, you're gonna be executed.

In 2013 80 people were executed in public for owning Bibles and watching South Korean movies. Children and women were forced to watch the execution to prevent them from doing the same.