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Aruan Felix “Cortando o Botão do YouTube”
4th place in "Top Ten Most Disliked Youtube Videos Ever"

“Cortando o Botão do YouTube” by Aruan Felix is one of the most disliked videos on Youtube. The blogger destroys the Youtube button he got for gaining 100K followers.

Unfortunately, I don't know the language, so, please, correct me if I'm wrong. I can assume, that we see a guy here who destroys the Youtube button. Apparently, this blogger got it from Youtube for gaining 100K followers. And instead of being happy about it, he decided to wipe it out in a very weird way.

I must say, I don't follow this guy and I don't understand him, but the video looks really boring. Besides I had a feeling that he behaves a bit unrespectful. And I'm not saying about Youtube representatives, but about the people who subscribed to his channel. Still, it's only my opinion. Maybe if I knew what he was talking about during the video it would explain something.